...my favorite foot massage...
— Dakota
I can move my neck again!
— Elizabeth
Dan cares. He really, truly cares.
— John
Finally! The deep massage I’ve been looking for!
— Taylor
Dan = professional, powerful, & poetic. I’ve found my therapist.
— Allison
Your Swedish is like a song...rhythmic, flowing...i wanted to hit ‘repeat’ :)
— Madelyn
Dan, seriously....thank you SO much!
— Susan F.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage focuses on a flowing rhythm of longer, slower, and superficial strokes during the session. Swedish massage traditionally soothes the body & mind as a whole. This is a great modality for stressed out professionals, loved ones, travelers, employees, and students. Take some time for yourself with a relaxing treatment to refresh mind, body, & spirit.

An excellent choice for anyone!

Sports Massage

Are you an athlete, cross-fitter, marathon runner, or weekend warrior looking for peak performance? Injured? Sports Massage will help restore range of motion, increase blood flow, and shorten healing time. Sports Massage is one of the most focused type of massage, healing targeted tissues with lots of movement, traction, and stretching throughout the session.


Prenatal / Pregnancy Massage

Prenatal Massage therapy is a wonderful solution to all of the aches, pains, & discomforts expecting mothers experience throughout their pregnancy. Expect immediate relief from muscles aches and joint swelling. Diminish stress and lower anxiety during the session and throughout the day. Additional benefits include shortened labor times, re-balancing posture, and may help with mother-infant bonding!
These special sessions take place almost entirely in the side-lying position with a variety of techniques addressing problem areas.

Deep Tissue Massage

Looking for something a little deeper? Have chronic knots, pain, and/or tightness from all the stress at work? Deep Tissue is the modality for you! Easily the most popular request among all massage therapy modalities. Deep tissue therapy builds in stages: invigorating superficial tissues to warm-up the area, followed by heavier pressure to relieve hurting cricks, strains, and stiffness.


LomiLomi Massage

LomiLomi massage consists of very broad, large movements through use of the forearms, elbows, and dual-handed techniques. Similar to Swedish in overall pace & tone, lomilomi includes a strong spiritual element to acknowledge a higher level of energy found within each of us. Lomilomi translates as “rub rub.”

During this session, we will foster the connection between heart, hand, and soul with the source of all life.

Ashiatsu Massage

*****COMING SOON******

Yes - the “one where they walk on you.” :) I will use a set of anchored, hanging wooden bars to support my body weight, change position, and vary the amount of pressure applied to the body.
This massage modality is often described as the “deepest deep” massage out there. Using a combination of therapist body weight, foot pressure, and leg muscles, the client receives long gliding strokes throughout the body. For problematic areas, the client can receive direct foot pressure.

1. Must be past the 1st trimester (>Week 13).
2. A doctor’s note (M.D.) allowing the use of massage during the pregnancy.